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Additional Material Submitted for the Record Prepared Statement of Paula Lorenzo, Chairperson, Tribal Alllvnce of I am the Cfhairperson free of the Tribal Alliance of Northern California. He was accustomed to revile the Prince and his doings in the presence of the Duke, and was, on one occasion, called very sharply to order by St: for. These health education activities included; smoking cessation classes, nutrition education or counseling, back injury prevention classes, cancer prevention or awareness classes, stress management classes, and education or counseling pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Their lives were full game of sorrow.

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They must retire to the woods and uncultivated mountains: where, as Sovereigns, they might command their own actions; as Gentlemen, they might live free from the ignominious tyranny of Laws j and, as Savages, they might range in the deserts for their daily food, till bond they should die whether it were by famine, by wild beasts, or hy If a man wish to be a member of Society, let him accept the advantages of that dependent state: but he must conform also to its regulations. Users of the site have access to all of the registration and licensing application forms, instruction guides and all publications, annual reports and newsletters made available by the changes to the AGCO website every year since the GOAL _ OUTPUT MEASURES _ OUTCOME MEASURES ees, registrants, and the general EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT RESOU RCE MANAGEMENT _ issuance of low risk applications tools recently enacted to achieve To ensure business processes are INTERNAL STAFF DEVELOPMENT AND SATISFACTION To provide an environment that To provide an environment that Complete and analyze the output A strong commitment to focused Risk Management strategies Implementation of Enterprise Risk rate, branch and initiative specific Increase in the number of channels istrants and the public can provide Greater resource focus placed on cations on public safety and public resources to more serious public Risks strategies are employed by all sures and improve decision making strategies are employed across the Consistent application of meaning- Phase One of Risk-Based Licensing has been implemented within the fui criteria based on assessed risk organization, which has achieved consistency in the assessment and ievei, used to promote licensee management of liquor licensing files (vvithin the defined Phase One A gradual increase in the use of the newly enacted compliance tools has been achieved:

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Consolidation activity which needs to occur within the industry has been and will continue to be severely curtailed The curtailment has occurred for two reasons: First, banks do not prefer to buy other banks with c;- h because of the resulting goodwill generated on the balance sheet Secondly, larger regional barks whose fundamentals are strong still have stock prices that are too low to allow- them to acquire other institutions without unacceptable levels of dilution: boards.