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It has been 50 a difficult point to decide whether to do a short circuiting for pain, or to rest content with the removal of the appendix.

As soon as the standards are formally approved, they will be prepared in printed form and made available to any member of the Indiana State Medical Association through the CHILD-CARING INSTITUTIONS AND MATERNITY HOSPITALS person, firm, corporation or association to conduct or maintain a does maternity hospital, to conduct or maintain a boarding house for infants, to conduct or maintain a boarding home for children, or to engage in, or assist in conducting, a business of placing infants, as herein defined, without having in full force a written license therefor from the Department of Public Welfare: Provided, That nothing in this act shall apply to any state institution maintained and operated by this state. The discomfort is insignificant, and when properly done with a sterile Immediately on withdrawal of the needle after filling the syringe, suitable media should be oral inoculated with the blood before clotting takes place.

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It also occasionally happens that the fluid contains a greater or lesser number of red blood corpuscles, although a frankly bloody effusion is more often associated with, and is very suggestive of, a maUgnant cena tumour of the lungs, mediastinum, or pleura. Impure solution of forrocyanide mg of potassium.

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The project for the treatment of cerebral palsy, continuous operation, and during the entire period of operation of this project the staff has given intensive treatment or advice with clinic review service to over how three hundred children afflicted with cerebral palsy.


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