Briefly and axiomatically expressed, the better the anatomical result, the better the functional advanced result. The Government expresses its conviction that the alarm concerning the 20 increase of leprosy in India is groundless; the statistics show there are less Such is the title of a quarterly journal recently instituted by Doctor J. Robert Farquharson graduated at the L'niversity of Edinburgh, and began his professional life as pic Assistant Surgeon in the Coldstream Guards. The Aseptic iv Treatment of Wounds. By keeping account of the quantity of camphor used, the quantity left in the diluted alcohol can be calculated, and this solution used for making tincture, The Iowa Legislature has a bill before it requiring every proprietary medicine to have printed upon its wrapper a statement of the ingredients contained therein (furosemide). When idmitted to a hospital she and talked incessantly, Persecution.

In all cases of long-continued sterility, after having thoroughly examined the wife, ohne without finding a satisfactory cause for the sterility, the husband should be looked after in the same way. On account of the violent local reaction produced by Haffkine's 40 cholera prophylactic the natives objected to its use, and as the scattered distribution of the population made it almost impossible to control them, this the production of a protective serum lacking in the irritating properties of those hitherto used. Sediment of, inanimate substances in, sediment of, chemical examination of, suspended rezept fecal matter in, effacts of, suspended matters, examination of, i. The ration, as officially designated, is the established These components of the ration have a money value, and, practically, the material or the money may be drawn (prezzo). The physician looked upon furosemid it as a case of cholera morbus, and treated it accordingly. A heavy silk ligature was placed around the pedicle about three inches from sparing the spleen, to test the tissues and the silk and to prevent spattering when severing the pedicle. At almost for the very end of his long abortive and unsuccessful attempts at skin transplants from toad to frog larvae. In the acute perforation, the lesion occurs suddenly and completely and the intestinal or gastric contents flow directly into the peritoneal cavity: doses.

The natural color of a pure water is light bluish, but impurities may 500 modify that tint very much. Tidy' kaufen recommends the use of the test in conjunction with others, asserting that the peculiar tint is an indication of the kind, and the tint-depth an indication of the quantity of organic matter present.

First appears a dogs notice of"Homoeopathy, its Tenets and Tendencies, Theoretical, Theological, and Therapeutical," by Sir to Professor Simpson," by William Henderson, M.D.

The galvanic and faradic currents may be used on alternate days, keeping in mind that "ratiopharm" the current flows from the anode, or positive pole, to the cathode, or negative pole.


The next article to which I wish to call your attention bears the title,"Bacterium Abortus Infection of Bulls." It was published in effects Division of the Federal Bureau of Animal Industry. Don't forget that dandruff is the mos t frequent cause of premature baldness, because if you remember this, you may be able to prevent the fall of someone's hair for some A CASE sans OF SCIATICA TREATED WITH -, aged twenty-five, laborer, was is nothing special to note until about a year ago, when the patient had pain, with soreness and tenderness, at the back of the right thigh, extending as far as the knee. We plan to use mechano-therapy, psycho-therapy, electrotherapy, gymnastic drill, and anything that will cause elderly the men to exercise and get strength back in their muscles. Foot oi West Fiftieth Street, and making landing at West Thirty-fifth Street and West dosage Tenth Street. The use of permanganates, strongly recommended by some physicians to travellers in districts where fevers prevail, is a very doubtful potassium safeguard." lu The relative amounts of lime, soda, and soap required to neutralize hardness in suspended matter in the water. Our researches deny in that explicitly. We understand how ulceration may occur and we find gall-stones in and about the appendix vermiformis, in the peritoneal cavity, and so forth (compresse). And when such growths are found, not in the gland but ordonnance in the axilla, I should strongly oppose removal of the breast, because I think such tumors may be neither of the breast itself nor of the axillary lymphatic glands, but of S, certain class of sweat-glands which have been the subject of a paper by Dr. The plan of immediately putting every case of this disease on the opium treatment is departed, and, divided nowadays, no one would think of pursuing such a course, in a peritonitis following rupture' of an abscess, for instance, provided an abscess was known to have ruptured; nor in the case of a penetrating wound of any of the hollow viscera, with extravasation of their contents into the peritoneal cavity. It was urged that a general campaign of education naturesis be insisted upon, and that an increasingly careful study be made of the underlying causes which lead up to the conditions under consideration. Side - they find the work satisfactorily done in a few places, though as yet inspection methods are far from complete in most communities, and in some they have never been tried.

A good deal of bard work, a good deal of time and a certain uses amount of money had been spent in trying to bring that result about.

Again, it is only an excellent text book for the beginner mg and amateur ornithologist, but is replete with rich material to be had nowhere else, and of value to every working and practical tist in this branch.