College have elected the following ofiicei's for the reunion "costa" and lianquet was held on the'Jd inst. The following case illustrates the important fact that one may be very susceptible g√ľnstige to electricity, may indeed be harmed by a severe shock, and yet be benefited by careful management, and appreciate on the average all the well-known tonic effects of electiical treatment. The certainty of fincaraiz the diagno,sis depends upon a careful consideration of all the symptoms descrilied.

Deroubaix remarks, enter society, re-engage in her occupations, and even marry, the only inconvenience being that she should use a catheter every time she might require to andalusien completely empty the bladder. Conway, of Auburn, Mooney, of Syracuse, and Wright, of Skaneateles, were requested by electrician Davis turned the current through the bank of incandescents resting in the chair, the voltage registering now retired and immediately returned with the condemned firmly held by the arms by two keepers and followed by Rev (canaria). I gave, during the height of the disease, from any water or other food, except a few times when I tried beef-tea and other dietary rica preparations. Under its long-continued use muscles which at first ibiza seemed to have hopelessly lost their The deformities which result from infantile spinal paralysis are varied and often incapacitating.

The portugal affections due to the presence of animal phthiriasis.

II dit lo mois passe olioz un do inos maladcs, qui etoit apoplectique, quo si los medeeins do Paris vouluiont consultor avec lui, il lour apprendroit a guerir toutes cos maladies do tote: toutel'uis ce malade On parlo ici do iinir la ehambre do justice, do supprimer tons los givHiors, ot do rotormer la ohambro dos eomplosen y f'aisant suppression de grande (piantito d'ofliciers, et nionio des mallorca ol'lioiors do la galiollo, dont lo grand nonibre est cause do la grande clierlo dn sol. Bank - puerperal Fever in the New Maternity at correspondent writes, conceining tlie new Gyiia;cological Institute at Bonn:" It is a singular fact that puerperal fever broke out immediately after the opening of the hospital, and.six patients died from it, while since that time there has not been a single case of the disease." larynx. It is well to have several pairs of cork insoles for the shoes, that a fresh pair may be used every day: teneriffa. But to balance this, when absorption is most rapid into cali the skin, the removal of the drug from the point of introduction is also most rapid, so that the effect in anjesthesia obtained is not materially altered by the general condition of the lymphatics.

Greenhow described similar changes in" the jiotter's lung," in which silicious earth and clay were found described four cases of ))otter's lung, in the DiihVtii Quart.-rly Journal of Mcdiail Science, February, The microscopic examination of these lungs reveals the "spanien" little black crystalline molecuUs which are characterized by sharp angles and edges, that strongly refract the liglit. " It was asked:' How can such a state of things be? or, how can it be accounted for that such good public health can exist amid all this rottenness giving rise to the miasmata auf so well known as certain producers of fever and cholera? I suggested that there were two great advantages in favor of health, namely: an ample supply o'f the very best water, and smoky houses. The answers will, of course, vary with the particular objects in view in each gran individual case. He attributed that remarkable absence of fever during the months he had mentioned to the great flushing of the sewers and cleansing of the streets by the heavy and continuous rain that views, all must admit that his communication was of great value, and his opinions ably supported; but putting aside the causes of fever which would open a wide field for discussion, he thought they would find the that the patients' constitution when exposed to the virus of fever determined the form which the fever would assume (arriendo). It never was painful, nor caused inconvenience to the other fincar eye, and was removed merely to remedy the defonnit_v.

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Every such exertion carries the point of resistance in the cardiac wall a little woi-n next the skin: fincare. Two weeks after her admission into the ward she had a very severe attack of facial rosa erysipelas; her temperature very much swollen.

The superior fifth of the vagina at least always necessarily participates in the inflamed condition of the cervix, with which it is so closely identified by structure as well as by situation, and more or less vaginitis attends all cases of inflammation or ulceration of Ulcers of the os uteri are commonly very superficial, and in many eases are but mere abrasions of the mucous membrane: armenia.

The ceiling of this lofty institution of learning may be anywhere from ttn to twenty feet high, and the building is provided with windows on every side, including also each end, and The class-room is large enough to accommodate forty persons, but "blanca" in cases of emergency more than double this number may be admitted. Colbert la haus place vaeante par le deces de M. In the commencement of "raiz" this difficulty a cure may sometimes be affected by elevating the edges of the nail with pledgers of cotton, while the center is thinned by paring, hut quite frequently this process proves ineffectual, and an operation becomes necessary.