Our goal is to make sure that all future and present parents are able to access to our high-quality and beautiful products wherever in the world they are. That's why we are not only committed to help our customers to be successful, but we are also committed to help our distributors to be successful. We know that your success will bring success to our customers. Join us today and start making real money. Our products will fly from your shelves.

Who can join us

1. Online and retail store owners. Customers are constantly looking for new designs and ideas. If you do have a store or high street shop please email us directly to:

2. Individuals who wants to make an extra earnings. You don't need to have a shop to become our business partner. You just need to have a little bit of time. We created small distributors programme especially for you. Thanks to that you will be able to start by selling our products to your family and friends and promote them within your local area. New parents love our products so we know that your profits will grow very fast and you will become millionaire shortly. You just need to have passion and creativity. We also created a special prices to make sure you have a good start.

Key facts abour our small distributors programme:

* You will get FREE flyers, posters, catalogues, etc to help you promote your business
* Every day hundred of thousands new mums are looking for baby products and accessories so there is a very big opportunity for you to earn money.
* Even look for yourself. You probably know way more then 10 mums or mums to be or grandmums. Every of them knows at least 100 other persons so there is 10x100= 1000 of your potential customers to start with. Just think what could you earn if you know more then 10 persons or they have more then 10 friends and this is just a beggining.
* You can start to offer our products to friends and work colleagues by showing them our catalogues, fabric samples, etc.
* You can also display our posters or put flyers within your local grocery / convenience store, furniture store, nursery school or even GP surgery to attract lots of business. Thanks to that you will be able to relax at home and anyone who will see our advert & make a purchase will earn you money.
* There is a million more ways to sell our products and earn money. You can even use facebook or twitter. Whenever you will have a good idea we will help you to implement it.
* Your success is our success !!!

How does it work:

1) Every distributor receives an unique promotional code. Thanks to that your customers will save 10% on their order and we will identify that they are coming thanks to you. So whenever someone uses your code you will earn your commision. It's WIN - WIN as your customers will save and you will earn money.
2) There is no minimum withdrawal amount. We can send your commisions whenever you want. Please just note that there is a 2 weeks cool off period when customers can change their mind and return the product. Obviously if the customer changes their mind there is no commision earned. This kind of situations are very very rare but we have to mention about them. You can check our 100% positive feedback on ebay on more then 8000 transactions !!!

How to join us

If you are interested in becoming our distributor please contact us at

Be fast as we don't want 2 distributors / consultants in one area.