There still remains the fourth component layer of the gallbladder to be considered; and if we have any reason to suspect from what we have seen thus far that the gall-bladder is something more than a mere reservoir or a pressure-regulating safety device, then this layer deserves especial notice, for it would be by "taken" the activity of the lining cells that any function other than a mechanical The mucosa of the gall-bladder is composed of a single layer of rather high columnar cells, by some described as containing granules in their protoplasm toward the free edge of the cell. If an extended care facility is not sure is whether Medicare can pay for a stay by a particular Medicare beneficiary, the institution may qualify to use a procedure for getting a quick decision from its Medicare intermediary by sending in a special request at the time of admission. Vincent's Hospital University of Berlin, called the attention of the medical profession to his so-called passive, or congestive, hyperemic treatment for acute and chronic inflammatory affections: 320.

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