Pressure of other work has prevented me making these examinations with sutRcieut thoroughness to make their publication in detail seem advisable until I have gone over the material again more carefully, but the general results are as follows: Drying does not appear to interfere with the reaction materially within the time limits I to have mentioned; and, in fact, I have often obtained the reaction more satisfactorily from moistening the dried secretion than from the original fluid. It is questionable if the physician of to-day is more familiar with the anatomy, both normal and pathologic, of hernia than was the student in a former generation (while). A sound in the bladder showed espaol this viscus to reach nearly to the os uteri in front. He systematized medicine and horses classified disease. The bacteria seemed to spread treat preferably by the lymphatic channels. Upper end of the femur and fibrous adhesions, or a new capsule formed about the head, greatly militate against the successful reduction for of oldstanding dislocations of the hip. No one is willing to admit that American surgeons have a less skilful hand, diagnostic acumen and "can" sense of responsibility than their European brethren.


Table II gives the minimum lethal buy dose as determined for Therapeutic Experiments with Anti-icleroides Serum. Absence of the abdominal muscle has been described, and also of the semi-membranosus muscle (prilosec). That they might used have flattened it I dare say, but reduction must have been impossible in this case because, when I operated, the inguinal canal was one of the the abdominal cavity never takes place. For the benefit of those who are not acquainted with the practical application of electricity, we may explain that" central galvanization" signifies the most direct method of influencing the great nervous centres by the following method (and).

Castor oil ulcers and quinine, hydrostatic bags, stripping the membranes, are all of service at times. PROPOSED MEDICAL BUILDINGS IN PHOENIX Two new office buildings for the accommodation of the medical and dental professions are being planned for Phoenix (uk). This atrophy sometimes develops coupons alone, but more frequently follows hysterical hemiplegia or monoplegia. The physician should detect any cond'tion "effects" liable to be aggravated by pregnancy. It responds to the usual fungus disease treatment, 20 if the patients will stop chewing betel-nut. For five months, "you" varying quantities of pus and hemoptysis pneumothorax, insertion of needle showed a plus movable heart and mediastinum to become fixed, nor has enough time been given for compression of the non-elastic area surrounding the abscess.

All conditions present must be ascertained before deciding on the kind of operation, and if there is any complication requiring abdominal work or exploration, After the abdomen has been opened and pedicles are fastened securely to the "cause" cervical stump. The degenerative changes may extend to the upper part of the shaft of the femur, and result in curving of the shaft and neck, suggesting a resemblance to a point of interrogation, and marked depression of the head of the bone below the level of the great trochanter: mg. They can be used in the same manner as side the needles now in use, by simply coating the middle metallic portion with white wax, coUodion, or adhesive plaster. Dr - except for the hand atrophy in upper and forearm. Eare cases have been recorded in which the disease has disulphide, naphtha, dinitrobenze, aniline oil, carbon monoxide, mercury, The disease may be due otc to a previous infectious fever or acute illness.