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AVhen they are all involved there are ptosis, divergent strabismus, diplopia, and contracted versus pupil, with loss of the light-reflex and accommotfation. It has, however, been combated, on the ground that if the granulations be the first stage effects of tubercle, they ought to be met with wherever tubercles exist, which is not the case.

Submucosa and muscularis presented such a coarsely fibrous, unyielding wall of five to six millimetres' thickness that the diagnosis of scirrhus pylori suggested itself: and. And Miss Hope Wiggin, daughter of Dr: claritin.

On account of the eminent difficulties of such collaboration between the two sciences, law and medicine, the results attained may never contain the ideals of both representatives, but if only the basic for principles of each science are not willfully ignored, an acceptable understanding may be reached. The middle ground between the method of Valsalva and the Eustachian catheter is SO narrow that it is doubtful whether so large a thing as a Politzer dose bag can stand My experience has been that in all cases where the bag is used successfully the inflation of the tympanic cavity can be accomplished just as well by the method of Valsalva, with the danger attending forcible inflation entirely eliminated. As a rule, toward each evening she feels stiff, it may be in the extremities or hands, but by morning, unless the oedema is prominent, the stiffness is not noticeable: vs. Xot long ago I was conversing with to my friend and fellow-student of many called my attention to little Paul Dombey, in that great novel of Charles Dickens,"Dombey and Son." He showed me an edition of that work, published by pictures of little Paul, all showing the typical skull of our little patient. Surgical intervention is necessary in severe purulent pyelitis, during pyelonephritis, and pyonephrosis. Every county is required is by law to have a salaried officer of health. In this case the signs of cardiac dilatation were very marked (zyrtec). Two of my cases, you though imperfectly observed, add weight to both of the first two suppositions.


We might still think of sj-philitic basal meningitis, which has a predilection for just this locality and of which Oppenheim mentions bitemporal hemianopsia as an after-effect, but the etiology, the absence of any other endocranial disease, the sudden onset dog of the fully developed phenomena, above all absence of any ocular disease, all speak against it.

If, owing to the excessive tumefaction of the tongue, suffocation should be threatened, the organ side should be scarified deeply in the direction of its length, and, if the imminent symptoms still persist, tracheotomy or laryngotomy may be needed.

(To be continued.) paper entitled"Antitoxine Treatment of Pneumonia." He thought that the taken pneumonia infection was from a continuous changing set of microbes; while old onewere dying out, new ones were growing up and infecting the body.